Olaf's "... Whip"

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Olaf's "... Whip"

Postby uncle_buck » Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:33 am

Olaf's "Acquaintance With A Whip"

Olaf has released "Acquaintance With A Whip" in the Modern Amazons section of his Amazon_Warriors site.
SARAMIS, SHEMINA, ANTARIS, RUSSLANA, and MORGANE make up the cast in this episode in which
SARAMIS plays the role of a key witness who refuses to talk ...
The police take her to the interrogation area designed for those who choose to be difficult.
Where, using techniques that have worked for centuries, Saramis agrees to sing like a bird.
But that leads both her and her captors into even more serious trouble ...
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