Olaf's "Leikh-Shaar"

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Olaf's "Leikh-Shaar"

Postby uncle_buck » Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:05 pm

Olaf's "Leikh-Shaar - Perverted Killers"

Olaf has just released another episode of a Leikh-Shaar attack upon an Amazon compound.
I believe he mentions something about "another senseless bloodbath" ...
But this bloodbath is no more senseless than any other as it seems to be a substitution for the "Tribal Warfare" series.
NYMERIA, AVERIA, SHEMINA, THYARMIS participate in this battle and the masks are particularly useful for they lend credence
to the notion that there are eight players in this video when in fact ... Well ... You get the idea!
Click on Olaf's Messages to view the poster and read his synopsis.

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