Olaf's "Hades ..."

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Olaf's "Hades ..."

Postby uncle_buck » Wed May 10, 2017 11:54 am

Olaf's "Hades - The Soul Taker"

Olaf has released a new movie: "HADES - THE SOULTAKER" leads you back into ancient greek mythology:
And if memory serves me correctly, the Greeks were about the first "Western Civilization" to have contact with the Amazons,
and it is thanks to their lore and legends they developed that we have representative "Amazons" with us in our own day and age.

Saphyra is struggling for her life, bleeding to death due to a heavy flesh wound in her bare belly, and her sisters (Antaris & Raven)
try everything to get her back to life. Raven is a priestess and has the power to bring back the dead!
But Hades is not willing to let her go ... and I think that in this case the Devil gets the better part of this deal ...
But then, doesn't he always? Click on Olaf's Messages for the poster for this video.

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