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Postby uncle_buck » Tue May 02, 2017 7:45 am

Olaf has posted another custom movie, once again in the universe of the AMAZON-WARRIORS:
THE EVIL PRIEST is back! Averia, Talanis, and Semira are the players in this episode.
The brave AVERIA has been slaughtered by SEMIRA and her apprentice TALANIS in "Vengeance" last month and Averia´s sister moves in to avenge her death.
Alas! She doesn't appear to get far in her quest for revenge!

Semira has been cast in the role of an evil-doer a number of times.
One day Olaf is due to return from his butcher's shop with a goodly string of linked bratwurst sausages.
Those coupled and mingled with that bucket of stage blood that he keeps handy in the broom closet,
and Semira is going to be worked over and upon much as was the girl in the "original" (South American?) Snuff movie of some years back.
It's an old "gag" from way back that's sure to put some of us in danger of losing our lunch.
But it's one stunt he hasn't done as yet. (Saphyra? Where are you, Honey? This may call for a bit of practice, don't you know!)

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