SexyAmazons Contest and announcement

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SexyAmazons Contest and announcement

Postby Admin » Sat Jul 24, 2010 12:59 pm

Announcing: art and fetish community.

What happened to DarkComix?
The reason I haven't posted much in awhile is because for over a year now I've been working on a dream of mine and for the last few months I've been absolutely consumed with finishing it. I wanted a place like Deviantart for our artists and while I was at it - how about giving artists and their fans access to full social networking so we can all interact together?

In order to do it right, I had to combine both SexyAmazons and DarkComix into one art site which we now have under the URL . You can click near the top to censor out DarkComix type material or click to censor out SexyAmazons material. Don't forget to click 'All' if you want to see ALL the material.

Now that the artists were all in one place I could connect them to the site I had been working on for forever... Darkpeeps - . I had to code a ton of my own hacks and software to get everything together and working seemlessly which is why it took so long but I think it was worth it!

Remember - your old Darkcomix or Sexyamazons login should work fine. If not, click on 'Forgot my Password', get your email token and reset your password. You'll also find my email on the site if you have any other problems.

On to the art!...


The next combat contest, coming up on July 31st is "Strip Slash!


Slash Stirp! Girls stripped during battle! Swords slashing through armor, bullets going through straps, knives cutting dresses in two.


Current contest is: Arrrr Pirates!


Last Contest was:


Acci-Death. Fighting girls dying accidentally. Maybe friendly fire, falling on her own spear, killed with ricochet etc.

Seaquester wins the contest with "Mistaken Identity"!

Honorable mention: M/P, DantheMan, Uniform, Proud Warrioress

Come down and join the fun! Post your art and whomever gets the most hits by the end of the contest wins.

SexyAmazons/DarkComix. Women in combat or peril!
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