The Tortured Soul, home of the extreme!!!!

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The Tortured Soul, home of the extreme!!!!

Postby Vex Malleus » Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:28 pm

The Tortured Soul Forum, a no bullshit ultracore extreme site like no other. Now find nearly 40,000 extreme pics covering just about every kink with more being added every day. 800+ videos in the galleries and thousands more from Google Drive! Real death, snuff fantasy, rape, torture, and anything else you can imagine can all be found and discussed in an open, friendly setting. No taboo is denied. You will NOT be bullied or harassed for being a freak. We all are!!

We also do NOT make members "prove" they are "real" nor do we read PMs. EVER. You won't be harassed to pay some huge serve bill and there are absolutely no ads of any kind.

Become the monster you always wanted to be, or just hang out with others who also have a duality in their thoughts/lives. Do not hide from your dark side, embrace it! IM chat is also available as well as 16,000+ posts across many discussion topics! We are also the exclusive home to one of our own female members home grown rape/snuff movies!

Be sure to use invite code: QuAd666sn and go to Your privacy is protected by 128 bit cipher encryption via SSL.
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